Plain Epoxy Flooring

Absolute Epoxy Flooring - Epoxy Resin

Plain Epoxy Resin is a high-performance product designed for residential, industrial and commercial applications.

With the outstanding chemical resistance, durability, low porosity and strong bond strength as a roll coat is idea for simple garage application.

Applied as an interior system Plain Epoxy can give a high-end designer feel to any home. A clear glaze coat such as epoxy resin can be applied to give the look of depth to the coat like a sheet of glass has been put over the floor

** Epoxy can be affected by the effects of UV, this does not affect the chemical structure but can leave a slight yellowing hue at the front of the garage. A UV top coat such as Tetrathane Urethane of SPA60 Polyaspatic which both have a high UV resistance and protection.

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